This is organic?

Yes! You should not have to choose between eating something delicous or choking down something healty. Manic Organic brings you food you’ll enjoy because they taste GREAT...and they taste great because they are CLEAN - not covered up or dulled down with additives and modifiers. We’re talking full on frontal flavor. Our menu changes seasonally, and may vary depending on the availability of produce from our sources.

Current Offerings


Wascally Wabbit: (Signature dish) 2 duck eggs over easy on 2 fresh made biscuits.  Covered in rabbit gravy.

Biscuit Sandwiches:  scratch-made biscuit with egg, cheddar and choice of bacon, candied rooster style bacon, sausage, grilled pork chop, fried/grilled chicken (meats changed based on what is locally sourced).

Challah French Toast:  thick sliced challah bread soaked in custard and served with fresh whip cream, fruit and local sausage.

Diner Style Belgium Waffle:  waffle made to order served with fresh whipped cream, fruit and local sausage

Fresh Made Omelets:  two farm fresh eggs with your choice meat and cheese with available seasonal vegetables

Breakfast Quesadilla:  Farm fresh eggs, organic cheddar cheese, organic flour tortilla and fire roasted salsa.


Tennessee Lamb Pita:  braised Tennessee lamb, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, goat feta, red onion, cucumber, pepperoncini tossed with herbed vinaigrette, served with fries

SanteFe Chicken Tacos:  local farm raised chicken, fire roasted salsa, lime sour cream, southwestern slaw served with rice

The Farmer:  local grass fed beef, homemade bun, onion strings, tomato, romaine, pickles, ketchup and mayo, with fries

Chinese Chicken Salad:  local pasture raised chicken, red and greed cabbages, romaine, carrots, candied ginger tossed in a Chinese mustard vinaigrette

Korean Tacos:  local grass fed pork, oelek cream, Asian slaw, served with rice

Jamaican Jerk Tacos: Jamaican Jerk grilled pasture raised chicken, grilled pineapple salsa, garlic aioli, served with rice.

Chicken Bacon Chipotle Ranch Wrap: Grilled pasture raised chicken, house cured bacon, house chipotle ranch dressing, greens, tomatoes, and red onions.  Served with rice or fries (varies by availability).

Pumpkin Soup: Roasted Heirloom pumpkin, toasted pumpkin seeds, cranberry relish, and cardamom cream.

Chili: Grass fed beef steak, pinto beans, organic cheddar cheese, jalapeno, onion and cilantro relish.

Korean Pork Loin Sandwich: Marinated grass fed pork lion, pickled ginger, sesame mustard slaw mix, served with French fries.

Fig & Brie Sandwich: Fig marmalade, brie cheese, dried figs, toasted on organic bread.  Served with side salad.

Short Ribs & Grits: Grass fed short ribs, creamy cheesy polenta, and a French onion demi.