Manic Mama – Welcome to the adventure

A journey to good health


Manic Mama – Welcome to the adventure!    My name is Heather….the Manic Mama!

We are excited to introduce this brand new blog as an extension of our food truck, the Manic Organic.  Over the last 11 months, since we opened the food truck, I have met so many of you at the window and talked with so many people about organic food.  Why organic?  What is organic?  What are GMOs?  How do you know if your food is organic?  Where do I buy organic?

So I wanted to start a blog to help many of you understand some of these questions.  Some of the things that are important to me we will talk about right here….food, health, supplements, family and managing all the manic craziness of being mamas (although this blog is open to everyone….not just mamas)!

So let me tell you a little bit about my own journey.  My husband and I have 11 year old twins.  I don’t have to tell you that life is busy!  If you have more than 1 person in your household, the schedule and busyness just multiplies by how many people live in your household.  We use to be like many people…..we ate whatever was quickest, easiest and cheapest.

Two years ago today (thanks Facebook for reminding me) my husband boldly posted that our family was going to switch to eating organic.  Let me be honest…..I was NOT excited about this.  But my husband really had our family’s best interest at heart.  You see our twins were showing early signs of puberty and development that was far too early.   After doing a lot of research my husband had learned a lot about GMO’s (Genetically modified organisms).  However, making this switch felt like redirecting the Titantic.  A new way to eat, a new way to shop, a new way of meal planning.  It took me a good 6 months of reading labels, researching and asking questions to start to understand this better.   And even then, there was some more learning to do!

Who knew that 2 years from this bold statement my husband had made, that we would be eating organic, have moved from Denver, CO to Huntsville, AL and opened an all organic food truck!  I can’t wait to share more with you about our journey and all that we have learned along the way.  You only have 1 body and once your health is compromised, it can be a long journey back, if at all!

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