Understanding organic – The lesson of 2 doughnuts

Understanding organic – The lesson of 2 doughnuts

The lesson of 2 doughnuts and understanding organic

What if I brought you and I 2 doughnuts to share over morning coffee.  Which one would you choose?

What if I told you one of these was homemade and has scratch made toppings.  The other one….well, I may have dropped it on the ground coming inside to meet you.  I quickly applied the 5 second rule and dusted off what I could but…..it may have some gravel, sand and maybe a few bugs on it.  Which one would you choose?

Well I’m sure the majority of you probably just said you want the one WITHOUT the bugs, gravel and sand (probably).  But what if I forgot to mention that I had dropped one on the ground and served it to you anyway?  Would you mind?  Would you be upset that I had served it to you after I dropped it on the ground?  I WOULD!!!

That’s basically the summary of our food situation today!

When you start to realize all the “sand, gravel and bugs” that is in our food today, you start to understand why our society is so sick!  There are chemicals, pesticides and all sorts of junk in our food today.  It really is the equivalent of dropping your food on the ground and serving it to you without me telling you.

All it takes is a little research to understand what is truly going on with our food today.  Like McDonald’s when they serve french fries that have been sprayed with chemicals so potent that no human can be around them for 5 days.  Or Subway that was making their bread with azodicarbonamide, yes, it’s also known as the yoga mat plastic.  And scary to know how many other products you and I have eaten over the years that has this in it as well.  This is a much bigger subject that we will talk about in a later post.  So, the bigger question, what is organic and why does it matter?


When I ask people what they think organic is, here are some of the things people say.
No flavor
No sweets
None of your favorite food
So are any of these true?
Maybe some of both!!!
When we talk about organic fruits and vegetables, we are referring to the way that food is grown.  They have not been sprayed with chemicals, pesticides, GMO (genetically modified organisms), human growth hormones and more.  When we talk about organic meats, we are talking about the way those animals are raised.  We are talking about grass fed instead of feeding them chemicals, processed foods, and items that are not approved for you and I to eat. Let’s face it, if your chicken, cows and pigs and eating things that are not approved for you and I to eat, and then we eat them……..we really ARE still eating all those things that were not approved for us to eat in the first place.
So when something says it is organic, it means that it has not been processed in the same way non-organic products have. No additional chemicals have been added to it to make it last longer without molding or going bad.  In addition, if you read the label on a package of an organic product, it typically means the ingredient list is going to be shorter and you probably can pronounce all the ingredients in it.   So organic is not simply eating vegetables only, or switching to a vegan lifestyle.  Everything from your salad, your burger, your tacos and all those yummy after dinner treats can be created organically.  That means they are baked with organic ingredients that do not contain chemicals, pesticides and human growth hormones.
So, referring back to our doughnut example above, what if I were standing at the window of our food truck with doughnuts for sale (p.s. we don’t actually sell doughnuts, this is just for example sake) and had these 2 doughnuts for sale.  1 was listed for .50 and the other for $1.00.  Which one would you choose?  Well probably the .50 one, right?  But again, what if I failed to mention that the .50 doughnut was the one that I dropped on the ground?   Would that change your mind? 
It certainly changed my mind when I started waking up a few years ago and deciding I didn’t want to eat the food that had been dropped on the ground…….AKA the food that was filled with chemicals like Round Up and yoga mat ingredients.  What about you….which doughnut are you eating today?

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